Open Letters | To My Tiny Owlette



My Little Owlette,

You’re growing so fast I can hardly keep up. A few months ago you were the tiniest little thing against your father’s chest. Now our mornings consist of you crawling all over us while we try to savor at least a few more minutes of precious sleep. Our lives have changed and every day is a new challenge. It makes me smile when you smile at the sight of me. I’m so happy your first word was mama. Well, no … that’s a lie. It was actually dada. But you say mama so often ( especially when you are upset! ) that I feel like I deserve the recognition!


I see so much personality in you. You’re my little adventurer. You whine for me to let you out of the play pen so you can explore our apartment in full while I chase you about. I feel so bad for keeping you in the pen, but our apartment is much too crowded and not in the least bit baby proofed. It will take another year to do it but we hope to give you a place where you can run a muck and not be cooped by cages. Until then, all I can do is make sure you have enough toys to keep your mind occupied. In the meantime, I’ll just be here taking as many pictures as I can! I’ll let the little things most would edit out remain like the crumbs on your mouth or the slobber on your chest. They matter to me because they make you! These are memories for me I want to treasure.


I can tell you’re going to grow into such a wild child and I have no idea where you get it from! But that’s okay because don’t mind it one bit! In fact I am looking forward to seeing more of it!  The chase, the dirt, the mess, and all the frustration!  I bet some people think I’m crazy but I don’t blame them, I never imagined enjoying the pains of raising a boy. I can’t wait to see what my little adventurer turns into next year and the year after that. They said having a boy is tons of fun. I can see the rumors are true. I may not know what I’m doing, but I am loving every moment of this new life called parenthood.