Hello! I'm Sabrina and I have no idea how to talk about myself. Most photographers put up this page so you can learn about how they have been a photographer all their life along with candid photographs of their family. I don't have any of that. No gorgeous pictures of my family (my son does not know the meaning of being still) or a long-winded tale of how my hands are fused on the camera (okay, okay. Maybe it's kind of fused to it). What I can say is that I've been an artist all my life. Not photographer, artist. I was that weird nerdy girl in class always doodling. I love drawing; it was my favorite hobby throughout school all the way through college while attending the Art Institute. I was actually aiming to become an Animation & Media Artist. It took a single photograph shot by a photography student to make me change majors. The rest is history.


It goes without saying that my favorite color is pink. It's a beautiful shade I absolutely love in all forms. Cherry blossoms are my favorite tree and one I want to plant outside my home one day. An abundance of them so my yard can be covered in pink petals. I love spending time with my children, reading amazing books, playing video games, or investing in a bit of painting or design. I try to put at least one hour of my time capturing general things around my home to document life as I see it. Outside of being a nerd, I'm a pretty simple person.


I've always been in love with forests. I spent most my life living in a wooded area surrounded by pine trees and wildlife. I could easily escape and spend a vacation in a forest if the opportunity presented itself. Some goals of mine is to travel outside the country at least once. I'd love to visit Barbados where my family is from. I dream of doing a cross-country train ride and seeing the sights while inside a bed cab. Traveling the world is a dream I want to fulfill before I am gone.