Hello! I'm Sabrina and I have no idea how to talk about myself. Most photographers put up this page so you can learn about how they have been a photographer all their life along with candid photographs of their family. I don't have any of that. No gorgeous pictures of my family (my son does not know the meaning of being still) or a long-winded tale of how my hands are fused on the camera (okay, okay. Maybe it's kind of fused to it). What I can say is that I've been an artist all my life. Not photographer, artist. I was that weird nerdy girl in class always doodling. I love drawing; it was my favorite hobby throughout school all the way through college while attending the Art Institute. I was actually aiming to become an Animation & Media Artist. It took a single photograph shot by a photography student to make me change majors. The rest is history.

My Loves

My family comes first before anything in this world. I love my children. All four of them. Two of them I live with in this world, and the other two I hope to join when I leave it. I can say with all honesty that I do what I do because I believe in capturing memories just as I do my family. There is something so important to me about a photograph. It's a story and its a moment all grabbed in one. I have been a photographer since I was young, but it took having a family to really appreciate the value and importance of why I love this profession. 

100 Black Dads

Recently, I joined a local project called 100 Black Dads. A beautiful project created by Lucy Baber who invited me to capture these dads in our area and beyond and featuring them in the positive light they deserve. I believe strongly in this project and promote the message it delivers to everyone. It is my hope that it begins to erase the stereotype they often suffer from and show that these wonderful dads are doing their part regardless of what society might tell us. For more information or an interest to participate, please visit!

Figs & Cocoa

I've recently taken on a project called Figs & Cocoa, an online photography publication featuring familes and children of color. It has always been my goal to push diversity in the photography industry both online and in print.