About the Photographer

I'm a box of various things: wife to a man I met online, mother to three of his clones, and a wee bit of a geek everywhere else in between. When I'm not photographing you and your loved ones or volunteering for 100 Black Dads, I'm home with three sometimes angels and an even bigger kid who I also call husband documenting our lives with love. That's a pretty way of saying they're my unpaid models I practice on daily.


It's my own way of trying to tell our story.


Being a mom, I know you're tired and just want that one portrait as a family. I got you. Your portrait will allow their personalities to shine. If you're like me, I know you're concerned about your appearance on camera. I GOT you! I can bring out your best features and make you look and feel amazing. Being in love, I know you just want to have something special but without pretending to be anything but yourself. Hey, I got you! You can laugh and be the dorkiest couple with me, it's going to look good no matter what.

We're probably a lot alike. That will make working together easy. If we're alike, then you're probably also nervous to do this. But portraits doesn't have to be an awkward affair. We can make it something amazing and come out of this chatting like friends. After all, my best clients always comes back and I'd love to see you part of that.

So let me tell your story next.