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Love in Center City | Philadelphia Engagement Photographer

Last month, I went out into the heart of Philadelphia to do a center city engagement session!

While I do primarily shoot family and children, this autumn season seems dedicated to engagement photography. I’m not complaining. I love photographing love. It’s so much fun getting to know a pair, how they met, and seeing them share intimate moments while you shoot away. It gets a little awkward at first, I won’t lie. Meeting a complete stranger and letting her take your pictures? Not always the easiest. Sometimes I like to do a pre-meeting before the big session, but even that tends to not really break the ice. What really gets a couple warmed up is just time. That’s it. We walk, we talk, and over a period of time they get so comfortable being behind a camera that the session gets easier and the photographs are more genuine in the emotion they share for each other.
I’m not big on poses. In fact, I try not to do a lot of it. I find some people tell me they don’t like it because it’s weird or doesn’t feel like them. I totally get that. Standing close, laughing, and just being yourself is what I want. It’s the candid moments I find believable. The ones where you remember what was said to make you laugh in that photograph. I like knowing I can capture a day, an approach where you are just yourself and there is no push to be something you’re not. Just like families, I do this with couples too. I want them to just enjoy their time together. Laugh, talk, and do whatever it is that will allow them to get comfortable and ease into the session.

Center city is beautiful during fall. The old buildings and colorful walks was just what this photographer needed. I’ve been dying to do a session in the city for the longest and this pair didn’t disappoint. The sky may have been slightly cloudy and the air a bit chilly, but we had such a blast roaming the area that I fell in love with Philly all over again. I definitely want to make a trip back just to re-explore a lot of those areas. It was filled with other photographers, too! I can see why.


The evening ended with a beautiful view. I love shooting couples, I love photographing love, but I can’t wait to take a few photos of families! Family Photography is what I do. If you live in the Philadelphia area and want a photographer to capture genuine moments between you and your loved ones, then please get in contact with me! Treat yourself to something different than your average chain studio photographer and let me capture YOU and YOUR story. I love what I do. I love telling stories. So let me tell yours.

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