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Joys of New Parents | Philadelphia, PA Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Since the arrival of my second son, I have been on a motherhood high these last few weeks. Connecting with expecting parents or new ones has been one of the highlights of coming off maternity leave. Being able to pick up my camera again and make art is so rejuvenating. I was excited and eager to get back into the swing of things and couldn’t wait to make this lifestyle session the first of many to come.

It’s really important to get pictures of your babies while they are young and I will tell you why—time flies. The first few weeks are always the most precious. Itty bitty toes, tiny yawns, and sleepy faces. But that time is so short lived and before you know it you have a toddler on your hands! I made sure this year that my little one had newborn pictures and it was quite possibly the best decision I ever made. It makes me proud knowing I was able to do the same for this family in return.

This little one was just a month old and already had such a personality you couldn’t help love. It was an unbearable summer day but we made the best of it under cool breezes and bright rooms. Her parents were incredibly in love with her and it was just so amazing being able to be part of that and capture it.

How I go about photographing newborns isn’t about the cute froggy poses with a ton of props. For me, I am all about emotions and connections. Nothing tells a story more. So when this new mama asked me to capture her family in a lifestyle newborn session, I was all over it.

Their story is beautiful. I stayed with them as they went through a normal routine day with their little one. I captured every laughter, awe, and bright-eyed moment. She was an absolute angel throughout it all. Help me, I may just want to have a third and hope it’s a girl! (Someone please talk me out of this.)

I loved this little girl and really hope I will meet them again in the future.

Beautiful family. Beautiful moments. I live for this. This is why I love doing what I do.
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