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New Baby “L” | South Jersey Newborn Photographer

Even if I reside in the Philadelphia area, I am available for travel. I was able to make a stop to South Jersey to do an impromptu newborn photo session.

She was a few days old exactly. Little baby “L” was the newest member to the “P” family and they were extremely happy. I made my way over to see her before they made the track back home down south. Oh, she was precious. You don’t realize how small babies are sometimes until you actually hold one. Delicate little fingers and toes; I immediately fell in love! I remember when my son was just as tiny. Now he’s so big I can’t even figure out how he was tiny to begin with! I dream to hopefully add another to my growing family in the near future, but in the meantime I’m happy I could enjoy this cute squish before her journey back home to Virginia.

For this session I came with only my camera. I was going to do a lifestyle session but was feeling a bit adventurous and decided to make do with what was in the house to try my hand at the traditional posed method, too.

I’ve always wanted to try the posed method of newborn photography. Little toes, sweet poses, and usually prop or two. I didn’t have any props for this but I think it created a more natural look that still replicates the styles I generally tend to gravitate towards. In conclusion, I think I like both a bit of lifestyle and traditional poses for newborns. Lifestyle is definitely easier for babies who are not easy but I can see the appeal with the posed look. What do you think?