Ridley Creek State Park Engagement | Philadelphia LGBT Engagement Photographer

LGBT engagements are beautiful and classic. Autumn is now in full force. Crisp air, low temps, and plenty of fall foliage. It won’t be long until autumn turns into winter, so I’m trying my best to get all the fall shoots I can. Not that winter has ever stopped me in taking photos before, but I know that the best pictures tend to be taken during fall or spring. The weather is perfect for this engagement photographer in the Philadelphia area. Let it be known that I believe love does not see race, color, religion, or gender. 

I met this gorgeous couple by chance. They called me up one day interested in finding a wedding photographer. I just so happen to be taking on a few for my portfolio in 2015, so the opportunity was perfect! Over the phone they were absolutely lovely, but meeting them in person was even better. We laughed, we chatted, and overall just had a great time. It’s important for me to make that connection with my clients, especially wedding ones, because I’m going to be photographing their big day!

My engagement sessions works perfectly for my new wedding packages that will be debuting next year. It will allow us to meet, chat, and basically give an idea of how I will shoot and stylize their wedding day. I like to keep my engagement sessions very relaxed and casual with minimal direction so that couples are able to gradually get comfortable with me sticking a camera in their face, ha! By the end of the session they’re usually so comfortable with my presence that they start to really show me how much they love each other. Some of my best photos are always towards the end. Thanks to Pennsylvania‘s recent change, these two can now legally get married, and I’ll be there to photograph their big day!

I can’t get enough of these two. I can’t wait to photograph their big wedding day next year! 

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