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Winter University of Penn Love | Philadelphia Engagement Photographer

Winter is just nonexistent these years. Unfortunately, the winters are becoming warm and dead here in the Philadelphia area. The only time we even get to see any snow is when storms come through. Fantastic if you drive every day but horrid if you’re a photographer. 

couple walking in university city upenn engagementupenn couple engagement walking

I was hoping for a little snow when I met with my engaged clients in University City to do their winter engagement. This session took place at the University of Pennsylvania where the couple met. They found me through another pair of clients who I did engagement pictures of (and have yet to blog, whoops!) and wanted to do something similar. They drove all the way from NYC just to revisit the place of where they met and graduated. And I was there to tell the story! There wasn’t any snow come the day of the session, but it was definitely freezing temperatures! Their biggest fear? They weren’t very big on PDA.

Yeah. Same. I don’t blame them.

happy engaged couple winter in philadelphia

Some people might have no problem jumping in front of a camera and getting busy, ha! And hey, if you’re that kind of couple the more romance the better! Yet for people like myself and my quirky husband, we’re a little more awkward and weird about it. Some photographers might know how to do the right pose to make it look like its romance, but I know that for some, even romantic poses isn’t some people’s things. Sometimes we’re just too … awkward! And you know what? That’s fine! I don’t care what anyone tells me, I would much rather capture me being awkward than fake poses with plastic smiles or weird laughs. I want to remember that with my husband I am a shy bunny and that we are two dorks that want to celebrate how much we love each other.
The awkward laughter, the weird chats, the giggling, the snorting, and the random hugs is love. You don’t have to do Vogue fashion style posing to get genuine, memorable photographs. If you want the posed fashion styled set up, I am not your girl. But if you want the moments and the laughter and the genuine feel of a session, look no further.
These two were my favorite this year because they reminded me of my husband and myself when we were younger. (God, I’m saying ‘back in my day’… I am old). I met my husband on the world wide web in a chatroom for Japanese Anime. We fell in love and he traveled all the way from Michigan to spend a weekend with me. It was the best weekend of my life. Eventually, he moved out to New Jersey and here we are twelve years later.
My husband and I are a quirky duo. We’re private, like our video games, love our computer techs, the list goes on. We’re nerds and that much was always seen in old photographs. I loved this session because I saw how my husband and I used to behave before we got married and had kids. We were silly, goofy, playful love birds and everyone commented on it. I mean not in the sense of kissing constantly or being extremely intimate, but because we were always just laughing and playing. And for me… that’s love. The fact that we have so many common interests and quirks that bring us together.
laughter winter engagement session in university of pennsylvania

I love capturing love, but I love capturing what love means for YOU. Because my interpretation of love might not be the same as someone else’s.

Maybe love is being able to sip coffee and have intelligent conversations. Maybe love is cooking breakfast early in the morning together because you couldn’t sleep. Maybe love is sitting next to each other reading books. Maybe love is sitting in your living room playing on the Playstation 4. Maybe love is kisses and hugs while walking down the city. Maybe love is just being in a quiet corner and enjoying each other’s company. Who knows? Whatever makes you two happy is what I seek to capture with my couples. Love doesn’t have to be the cheesy romantic novels with wind-blown hair and overdramatic hot scenes…

…love can just be you and your loved one being you.

Thank you for letting me spend the day capturing your story. I wish my husband and I had the means to do similar when we were younger! All we have is our cheesy photographs from polaroids and disposable. But that’s plenty! I hope that these photographs bring you similar memories for years to come. Mazel tov!